My other artwork

I have always painted and made art. Here are a few examples of my previous work

The Prayer Oil on Primed Card

Nausica's dream, acrylic on board

Study of Girl with Pearl earing taken from Vermeer Oil on Canvas

Brewood church

16th century Armour Oil on Canvas

The Midnight fairies

Lady of Shalott Oil on Board

The artist Watercolour
Study of a Fairy taken from Sophie Gengembre Anderson Oil on Canvas

Below The caged bird watercolour

Sea witches



Below Motorcycle Gouache on paper

The cyclist Watercolour and bodycolour

Higham Hall and view from Higham Watercolour

The Violin Watercolour
Golden hair Watercolour

Thoughts Watercolour

A set of Four dip pen and brush Ink drawings 
The sword Water nymphs
The lost warrior
Whale song
From sea to land

Pencil sketch

Moon Moth. Pencil on board

Below The Mirror Watercolour and Bodycolour on board

Below Vanity Oil on Board

Below Grecian Study taken from  Oil on canvas

Below Dancer Pastel and Watercolour 

Below The red dress Gouache on paper

Angel one Oil on canvas

Angel two Oil on Canvas

Waiting Watercolour

Ophelia Gouache on Board

Study of The battle of San Romano taken from Paolo Uccello 
Egg Tempera, Oil, Silver and Gold leaf on wooden panel.

 Study of Marie de Bourgogne. Silverpoint on wooden panel.

 Mary and Child study. Egg Tempera on Wooden panel

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