My first book The History of Armour 1100-1700

My Book The History of Armour 1100-1700 is available from all good bookshops or Directly from the Publishers Crowood Press. RRP £19.99. Hardback or £14.99 E Book edition.

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In this book, I attempt to give an account of the changes of armour. Looking at details that make a suit of armour, from the methods of construction to the way it was worn and the way fashion dictated changes in armour design.   It is hoped that this book will enlighten students of arms and armour and give an insight to the art of the effigy maker, showing the skill they possessed by reproducing the armour and weaponry of their period in wood, stone and metal.

As an art form, the effigy has given us the ability to look into the past and view the development of armour and its changes through the ages; however, we must acknowledge that these representations may not always give us an altogether accurate picture.   The effects of damage, especially during the civil war when some of these precious relics were mutilated, (some beyond repair), also the ravages of decay and even misrepresentation through stylised sculpting, plus poor restoration must all be considered when assessing the accuracy of the armour on each effigy.

The most rewarding aspect of my research has been the visual reconstruction of damaged effigies via my illustrations. I admit that the paintings are purely conjectural and other better-qualified scholars may view with different ideas, nevertheless I have tried to be faithful to the details that remain on each effigy whilst using known armour designs to enhance any missing areas. 

The art of the armourer has always fascinated me. But it is the ability of the artist to describe in paint the reflections and textures of Metal and Material. I have spent some time studying the methods of artists from the 12th century to the present day, taking the technical skills and applying them to my art.

In 2010 I was fortunate enough to combine my painting skills with my love of armour to create a book that looks at the History of Armour. This book is now available from all good bookshops and directly from the publishers Crowood Press.

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