Thursday, 30 October 2014

Finished oil painting of Richard III and Sir Percival Thirlwall at Bosworth field

Banner now added to Sir Percival's lance.
Oil painting on canvas depicting the moment before Richard III is unhorsed.

The second rider is Sir Percival Thirlwall Richards standard bearer. The banner shows white roses and a white boar.  Richard’s special cognizant was a Boar rampant argent, armed and bristled.

Richard died at the Battle of Bosworth on Aug. 22, 1485, fighting an army led by Henry Tudor, who would become Henry VII. He was surrounded by enemy forces.  The Burgundian chronicler Jean Molinet says that a Welshman struck the death-blow with a halberd while Richard's horse was stuck in the marshy ground. 

Painting before the addition of the banner

The style is more impressionistic than my usual methods and I've used the oil paint thickly to describe the shapes of the armour, sometimes using a palette knife to lay areas of colour down and then scratch through the paint to show edges.

Richards cavalry in the background are very loosely painted (above) and I still have to paint the troops of Henry entering from the left just behind the men-at-arms. (below)

 The standard will be added later when I am more sure of its form. (Now Added). Some say it should show Richards personal banner whilst others say the Royal standard. I prefer the personal banner.

The Standard added

And finally thanks to DSC's comment the crown. 

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  1. I love it. However, where's the King's crown in this painting? Has he lost it already?

  2. Hi DSC. I have to say it must have been lost already but in truth I had been so engrossed in painting the standard I had forgotten to add the crown!!.

    1. I'm impressed that you truly changed it after my comment. Lovely.